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Phobia Protocol

Phobias (which are classed as an anxiety disorder), are an unreasonable, overwhelming and persistent fear of an object, situation or place. The National Association of Mental Health reports that about 1 in 10 people suffers from some form of phobia at least once in their life. This excessive fear or anxiety is without any rational basis and is normally related to a harmless object or situation.


It is possible for an individual to develop a phobia over virtually anything.  Most people understand perfectly well how unrealistic and irrational their fear is but they are powerless to override their initial panic reaction.  Due to numerous reasons, very few people actually seek treatment for their phobias.  Since most phobias are quickly created based on a traumatic event, the mind can also eradicate a phobia just as quickly.


In Integrated Healing, we incorporate work of people like Dr Richard Bandler (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Dr Roger Callahan (Thought Field Therapy) in the Integrated Healing Phobia Treatment.


Unlike other Integrated Healing Protocols, Phobia Protocol requires additional preparation.  Please consult with Lovelyn before scheduling a Phobia Session.


Phobia Protocol sessions are not available via skype.


The Phobia Cure is a single-session, success guaranteed process that takes longer than a normal session. 

"I have been extremely afraid of heights since my early teens.  So afraid it stopped me from doing certain things or going places.   After my phobia treatment with IH, the fear is completely gone.  It’s almost hard to believe!  The gentleness and compassion that Lovelyn brings to her work is utterly remarkable.  I loved how totally present she was with me.  I felt completely supported by her, which allowed me to relax into the session.  I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Lovelyn to EVERYONE.  Between her intuitive and compassion and the profound nature of IH, one cannot help but find relief."


~Kathy Koon Pentecost, Shanti Acupuncture, Monrovia

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