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Integrated Healing- Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I prepare before and after each session?

Be well hydrated-Drinking hydrating fluids before and after every session is highly recommended.

Avoid intoxicating substances- Avoiding intoxicating substances such as alcohol or recreational drugs before and after a session is highly recommended.  

Wear comfortable clothing- Majority of the session will be done on a massage table while fully clothed.

Plan your time accordingly- First sessions take at least 75 mins to 90 mins.  Follow up session are 60 mins. 

Integration Time- Gentle activities after sessions are highly recommended. 

Complete Intake Forms-  Please complete the intake forms prior to your visit.  

I am already seeing a mental health therapist and a health provider, can I still see you?

Yes, Integrated Healing is a complimentary healing method.  It is not a mental health therapy session or an alternative to primary health care.  Although Lovelyn is a Clinical Social Worker, she does not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorders as an Integrated Healing Practitioner.  She does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals.  She also recommends that you maintain appropriate care from your primary health and mental health practitioners as needed.  Lovelyn provides referrals to other specialist as needed.  She is also willing to collaborate with other practitioners with the permission of the individual in order to provide the best care possible.



Initial Phone Consultations are free.  Please contact Lovelyn to schedule your 15 mins. phone consultation.


Payment Methods: 

Payment is due at time of service.  Sessions are by appointments.  Cash and check are always preferred, but credit cards are accepted.  Insurance Plans are not currently accepted. 


Cancellation Policy:

A scheduled appointment is time reserved especially for you. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment.  A $50 fee is charged for all missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hour notice.

Integrated Healing  Disclaimer:

Although Lovelyn is a certified Clinical Social Worker, she does not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder as an Integrated Healing Practitioner.  She does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. Integrated Healing is not a substitute for medical examination.  If you have a health or medical condition, it is strongly advised to seek appropriate care and treatment from your medical doctor, mental health provider, and/ or other health practitioners in order to maintain an effective network of health care on all levels. Integrated Healing is alternative or complementary to healing arts services and does not require a license by the State. Such practice is fully permissible under the California State Senate Bill SB577 in effect as of January, 2003 and Business and Professions Code 2052, 2053.5, and 2053.6.  

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