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Integrated Healing  Stories
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"Just wanted to share my experience with integrated healing. In 2012 i was suffering from debilitating brain fog, insomnia, and fatigue. I felt like a zombie and i was constantly sick. Doctors told me i was tired because I was a new mom. But when weeks turned into months and I still couldn't get off the couch, i knew there was more going on. I mean before i had my son I aced statistics and now i couldn't even do simple math. This started me on my own healing journey. I began researching different herbs, alternative medicine and practices all in an effort to cure myself. I found a few different herbs and supplements that helped alleviate the sympotoms of what i now discovered was adrenal fatigue. However I still constantly sick and tired. My brain was still cloudy at times. My one year old would run circles around me and it was touture to not provide him the level of care that I knew Myself capable of. In july of last year, i finally got some much needed help when Lovelyn offered an IH session. I was nervous and excited. But I knew it was right when my body covered in goosebumps when we discussed our focus. It was overall an amazing experience. A few days after our session I found this amazing inner strength that I could tap into. Over the following weeks I felt my brain fog slowly disappear and my drive came back. It felt like i had been wandering in a dark room and IH helped me find the light switch. I am forever grateful to Lovelyn and IH for giving me myself back."


-M., Oregon

"I’ve had a sleeping disorder for almost 5 years since I started working graveyard shift. I usually get 3-4 hours of sleep in a day and I am awake until my shift comes.  I tried a lot of pre bedtime routine (you name it and I’ve tried it all) but nothing worked so I decided to visit a doctor.  She advised that I needed to take sleeping pills to help with my problem.  However, I didn’t feel like taking any medicine. I had to continue living with my problem until Lovelyn introduced me to Integrated Healing.  She suggested for me to try it and I scheduled an appointment with her.  After one session that very night I had my best sleep after a long time. I felt so relaxed, refreshed and felt so light.  I am glad that I tried the therapy and it really improved my daily activities and I feel so energized.  My colleagues even recognize that I am livelier at work.  I like that she keeps all of my information in confidential matter.  She values the trust of her client and she’ll take the time to explain everything that she does.  She is very knowledgeable and professional.  I also like the way she gets to your problem areas and work on it.  During the massage part she released the stress and tension from my body parts and focused on my problem areas with her perfect pressure and her healing hands."


 -J., Nurse, Philippines

I had heard about the amazing benefits of Integrated Healing and Lovelyn, but didn't know what to expect during my first session. WOW! To say that it was Transformative does not capture how PROFOUND the experience was for me. I gained insights and cleared blockages that changed my life completely, for the better! Lovelyn is genuine and incredibly professional. She creates  a warm and safe environment of healing. I HIGHLY, wholeheartedly recommend Lovelyn and can't wait for my next session.


-I.,  Program Coordinator, Pasadena

"First and foremost, I love the way that Integrated Healing made me feel.  I felt so calm and peaceful afterwards like I had experienced a cathartic release.  Secondly, all of the activities were really helpful and interesting, leaving me with positive vibes that I can reflect back on.  The IH session that I received helped open me up, both physically and emotionally.  Lovelyn not only made me feel better, but she provided me with guidance that I could utilize to continue healing on my own.  I feel better prepared to care for myself.  I did not know exactly what IH entailed and I was a little skeptical that it would be beneficial to me.  I was proven completely wrong, and I am so glad that I tried it.  I think that Lovelyn is a caring and competent practitioner who will only grow even better with time.  While Integrated Healing may not be beneficial to someone who is not open to trying it, I would definitely recommend Lovelyn’s services to anyone who is willing and who wants to feel better!"


-A., Camarillo, CA

"I had an Integrated Healing skype session with Lovelyn. She helped me set realistic goals and how I would be able to acknowledge them in my daily life, so it was easy for me to see the powerful effect on my every day life.  I liked the convenience of a distant session because I could save time staying home or my office. I have to arrange a babysitter for my toddlers, and it is very important for me to manage my time wisely. It was my first time to have her session, yet her personality, genuineness and professional leadership during the session made me feel very comfortable.  Integrated Healing is a powerful healing method and it has been my favorite way to balance myself because I have a very hectic lifestyle as a wife, a mother and a business owner. I highly recommend Lovelyn!


I don’t go to gym usually due to kids being with me, but I went there yesterday and did a full work out and did a treadmill!  I haven’t done a decent cardio for more than 10 years just because my shin/knee ends up hurting after a little while. I ran for 5 minutes (yes, it was enough) and did a power walk for 10min and no pain whatsoever.  I have been working on the pain here and there and I felt that it’s finally getting better or I am letting go of the negativity relating that injury from me.  Running little bit at the gym reminded me that I was a good runner when I was in school. I really forgot about that. I enjoyed being in touch with my body and I will keep embracing that.  Just wanted to share my big change that unintentionally happened over the weekend.  Thanks for the great session.”


-M., Virginia

"I started the process of integrated healing because at the time, I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and tired with both my work and personal responsibilities. I wanted to start a process of self-care and came to Holistic Wellness with Love with an open mind and an open heart. Integrated healing is not just a session, but a journey and over a course of multiple healing sessions with Lovelyn, I began to see improvements in my self-esteem, increased awareness of what my body needed, and gratitude and appreciation of what my body had to already offer me. Lovelyn is an empathetic healer that will make you feel comfortable right off the bat. She is flexible and will discuss any concerns that you may have before and after an integrated healing session. What I have loved most about my experience is that every single time, I learn something new about myself, and it is with this knowledge that I strive to love myself more and care for my mental, physical, and emotional health. I am thankful for integrated healing and to be able to work with Lovelyn! "


-J., Los Angeles, CA

"Going into my Integrated Healing session I had no idea what to expect. I went in with what I thought was my "issue" but fairly quickly learned it was much more than that. Since my session I have had an overwhelming sense of calm and inner peace. This was an immediate shift that has stayed with me ever since. I feel like I can accomplish anything without anxiety. Serenity has washed over me and I am filled with love. This one session has had an immense effect on me. I recommend everyone should try it even if you don't think you have any "problems". Your body will tell Lovelyn otherwise and you will feel amazing afterwards! "


-T., Pasadena

"If you are interested in identifying hidden feelings, patterns for yourself or others, then Lovelyn is a highly qualified, patient, hands on instructor who can lead you to attain these skills. She engages you both physically and mentally and prepares her instruction with lightness and laughter. You come away richer in understanding yourself and how to serve others."


- J., Los Angeles.

"IH has given me a level of awareness that years of psychotherapy didn’t give me.  I feel so much lighter after every session and so relaxed that I want to go to sleep.  I truly enjoy Lovelyn’s energy and compassion during our sessions.  She always brings the topic back to me and to my feelings and I appreciate the redirection.  I have already recommended her services to others.  I am an LMFT and as a mental health practitioner discovering IH has been a great tool to my sanity, healing, and overall wellbeing."

-D.C.,  Inglewood, CA

"I truly believe that IH session with you really got the process started. Ever since then things just began to roll and the inner healing process for me began. In just a year after our session I became a manager,not for the money but for the experience and almost a year after I'm leaving my company to pursue my dreams and goals. I did a sound bath about a month ago and it really brought a lot of my issues out to the surface and it took me back to our IH session. Very interesting! Anyways I'm blabbing but I'm just really excited. I have some people I'd like to send your way.  Again thank you so much for that life changing experience."

-I., Pasadena

"Integrated Healing helped me have a positive outlook in life. My first Integrated Healing session was relaxing, calming and I was satisfied with the procedure. What I liked best about my session is that it helped engage me to feel present. My session helped me stay more focus on being present, staying positive, and leaving behind the negative vibes and extra unwanted baggage."


- N., Philippines

"Working with Lovelyn has helped me reconnect with myself and my needs. Love the help, love and light that she helped me discover through sessions with her. Thank you for all of your help and guidance."


-V., West Covina, CA

"The first time I had a session with Lovelyn, I thought I was going to get a massage. It's not massage, it is a combination of muscle testing, different types of energy work and so much more. I was really impressed with Lovelyn and Integrative Healing.  I now want to study integrative healing, and I will be taking Lovelyn's class."


-R., Duarte, CA

"My work with Lovelyn came at the perfect time. It helped me transition and solidify my path of healing.  Lovelyn’s work is both gentle and profound. I had no idea what IH was.  I am naturally skeptical about new procedures, but I loved how nurturing this process is, not to mention effective."

 -T., Los Angeles, CA

"With my son's consent, I'd like to share how wonderful this work has been for him. He is 10 and has a fair amount of stress factors, as many kids do. After his session with Lovelyn today, he exclaimed, "I'm always SO relaxed afterwards!" He showed his brother kindness immediately afterward too, which confirms for me the depth and power of this healing modality!"


-D., Pasadena, CA


"My session with Lovelyn has brought awareness to an obstacle in my life that needed to be confronted.  I really appreciated that Lovelyn asked core questions, that allowed me to reveal my own truths.  I would recommend Lovelyn to others.  She is gentle and safe in her approach to healing." 


-P., Pasadena, CA

"I have been extremely afraid of heights since my early teens.  So afraid it stopped me from doing certain things or going places.   After my phobia treatment with IH, the fear is completely gone.  It’s almost hard to believe!  The gentleness and compassion that Lovelyn brings to her work is utterly remarkable.  I loved how totally present she was with me.  I felt completely supported by her, which allowed me to relax into the session.  I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Lovelyn to EVERYONE.  Between her intuitive ability and compassion and the profound nature of IH, one cannot help but find relief."


~K., Monrovia, CA

"I appreciate the energy and passion that Lovelyn possesses for Integrated Healing. She is knowledgeable and passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is welcoming and supportive, which produced a safe environment to learn and even feel vulnerable to expose oneself on a mental, emotional, or spiritual way as Integrated Healing taps into things that the subconscious is trying to surface. I didn't realize my body was ready to share what it did, but there it goes...talking despite of how private I am. Of course, me being me, it did take a while to dig it out, but there it came. I really appreciated how Lovelyn was able to provide us with feedback with finding our confidence and trusting the process and ourselves as conduits of healing. I really appreciated her experiences and how she shared what she has learned throughout her work with others in Integrated Healing. I appreciate how she provided examples of what she would say during a session with a client to guide us with how to make statements to ask questions of the body and other technical topics to set up a session with a client. I appreciate how Lovelyn is willing to share her personal life and stories. It warms my heart to listen to Lovelyn's journey and being able to find her power to face her fears and learn how to manage her clairsentience when it has been uncomfortable at times as she absorbs so much of the feelings around her (those of others and those of her own fears). Knowing Lovelyn's growth is powerful because it allows newcomers, such as myself, to have a faith in knowing that with understanding and practice, I can develop my healing gifts as well. I appreciate Lovelyn's knowledge of the spiritual world and to discuss developing the intuition, grounding oneself, and protection."


~Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Los Angeles

"I have had 3 amazing IH sessions with Lovelyn. Each one has focused on a different goal, healing from past trauma, getting over fear from an old physical injury, and dealing with stress. Each session has left me feeling calm, centered, and with the tools to better cope with whatever the session was focused on. I love IH because it allows me, with the help of Lovelyn, to focus on a problem, dedicate time and space to unpack my thoughts and feelings about it, and start the internal healing process to move forward.

I had no idea what to expect at my first session, as Lovelyn explained the IH process I thought “this is going to be interesting..” and it totally was. My first session was intense, I had a lot of things to work through around past trauma, and Lovelyn helped my get through it. It was a very long session and I left feeling completely drained physically, mentally, and emotionally but also with new feelings on empowerment and strength. I woke up the next morning feeling lighter and with a new outlook around previous experiences. When something happens in my day to day life that reminds me of my past trauma, I recall the strength and power I felt during my session and use those memories to cope and deal with the situation which is an amazing tool that I feel grateful for.

I wanted my second session to focus on pain that I have in my knee from an old injury. I was somewhat skeptical about how IH could help me work through something that is a physical problem, so I was excited to see where the session went. As the session began, it became clear that the reason I was there was not to address the physical pain I have in my knee, instead it was to work through how the fear of pain and re-injury had been keeping me from activities that I enjoy. As the session unfolded, I worked on trusting my knee (which I’d been scared to do since my original injury), and to check in with my knee to see if an activity “felt right that day” before doing it. Recently, Lovelyn checked in and asked how I was feeling about my knee, and it was at that moment that I realized that I had not had any fear or nervousness about it for weeks, even when trying new activities (like rock climbing) that would have caused a lot of fear previously. I had used the check in technique a few times, but other than that, my fear had literally disappeared. It wasn’t until she asked that I realized how effectively that IH session had worked, that’s results!  

What I have gained from my IH sessions have clearly stayed with me and continue to help me make positive changes in my life. Lovelyn is incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and her workspace is warm and welcoming, all of these things allow you to feel instantly comfortable and make it easy to be open and get right to work. I couldn’t recommend her more!"

~R., California

I often speak about how spiritual energy work is an essential practice to everyone, especially those who are on the front line of transformational leadership, coaching and supporting the well being of others. And, I often speak about how important it is that we find a trusted practitioner to partner with to skillfully guide our healing process. Lovelyn is that guide, gifted, gentle and compassionate. Her intuitive sense is keenly refined to help you uncover those "challenging to detect" subtle energies that block the view of higher Self connection and Soul purpose alignment. THANK YOU, Lovelyn for lighting the way for so many and for standing in the power of your healing abilities. You are a blessing to my life and to many!


-M. Pasadena, CA

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